1. In Kate Chopin\’s

The assignment is due November 20th
1. As always, assume your reader has read the text that you discuss in your essay (no need to summarize just to summarize). Try as hard as you can to blend your ideas with the fundamentals of strong writing–unity, idea development, coherence and strong diction. Most of you still haven\’t used up your \”credits\” with smarhtinking.com.

2. if you are writing about a work of literature your reader has already read the piece: use summary only when supporting a topic idea. I expect textual support in these essays, and as you can see below, I expect students to follow topic instructions. Always follow MLA style for your formal essays. I look for four fundamentals that all good writing should possess: unity, idea development, coherence, and diction.

—-> The A essay (90-99)
The A paper presents or implies a thesis that is developed with noticeable coherence. The writer\’s ideas are usually substantive, sophisticated, and carefully elaborated. The writer\’s choice of language and structure is precise and purposeful, often to the point of being polished. Control of sentence structure, usage, and mechanics, despite an occasional flaw contributes to the writer\’s ability to communicate the purpose.