1984 by George Orwell:

Assignment .Science fiction shows us alternate universes that are based on what was, what is, and what can (or cannot) be.First, choose one of the following themes. Then, choose one of the following argumentative essay topics that corresponds to the theme you chose to write about in 1984 by George Orwell:Themes: 1) The Dangers of Totalitarianism2) Psychological manipulation3) Physical Control4) Control of Information and History5) Technology6) Language as Mind Control7) Your own theme – Based on your interests, major, etc.Argumentative Essay Topics: 1) Marriage as a means of procreation: should the sex instinct be eradicated?2) Irrelevancy of gender in 1984: is there any difference between men and women?3) Subverting gender roles: three classes of women in 1984.4) Obedience vs. ambitiousness: what traits should a woman have?5) The concept of sex in 1984: is sex an act of rebellion?6) Suppression of natural impulses: can people forget about sex and love?7) Make media, not love: what are the main effects of oppressing natural reactions?8) Pleasure of procreation: the role of sexual intimacy in 1984.9) The role of technology in 1984: beneficial or detrimental?10) Three functions of technology in 1984: what can alter the history?11) Negative effects of technology: constant monitoring and total control.12) What are the main effects of technology on society?13) Freedom vs. security: can Big Brother stop watching you?14) Is there any freedom in a dystopian society?15) Trading freedom for security in 1984: what notion will society choose?16) The more security, the less freedom: what notion is more important?17) The role of power in 1984: what notion can control the whole society?18) The perfect totalitarian society: what effects will absolute power have?19) Monitor and control: what are the main techniques of power?20) The notion of physical control: can the nervous system become your worst enemy?21) Psychological manipulation and physical control in 1984: can you believe that 2+2=5?22) Formulate and express: is language a means of control?23) The effects of doublethink: can everything be taken at face value?24) The symbolism of Big Brother: does he even exist?25) Leader of the nation or just an open threat: will Big Brother stop watching you? After you choose your theme and focus, address these questions:1) Quote directly from the text how the theme or topic was portrayed in the novel – what details does Orwell use?2) Research if the theme and topic, as Orwell portrays it, was true at the time Orwell published 1984 (around 1949). If true (or not), research what was occurring at the time historically based on the theme and topic. Based on your research, what do you think was the real-life inspiration for Orwell portraying the fictional issue or topic the way that he did?3) Look at fairly current research from the 21st century. Is the theme and topic Orwell wrote about in 1949 true, partially true, or false today (or unknown)? How is it true, partially true, or false today? Why is it true, partially true, or false today?Utilize ten outside sources (in total) to support your argument. For a rough breakdown, you may want to approach it this way: Five research sources that address the real-life inspiration for Orwell writing fiction about it and five sources analyzing if the theme/topic Orwell wrote about is true today. Your works cited page must be annotated bibliography).