200 word written statement based on your original 3-minute Creative Work

Your statement should address the following questions, and adhere to this sequence:

1. What do we see and hear in the video?
(e.g. In this video, a young couple in the throes of breaking up converse on a couch. The scene is set in a contemporary apartment furnished with sleek modern fittings.)

2. How did you make the video and what are the key formal elements? (Note: I used Wondershare Filmora to create this video)
(e.g. This video has been shot and edited using a conventional shot/reverse-shot strucutre. Sometimes, as the couple exchange dialogue, the soundtrack deliberately goes in and out of synch with the imagery. At some points, the couple appear to mouth each others words.)

3. What specific lecture topic, formal element, effect or aspect of screen-culture has influenced your video?
(e.g. This video is influenced by the ways that romantic relationships, and their breakdowns, are represented in popular dramatic film and television. While these representations often follow strict formal conventions and are highly cliched, they also, strangely, recall real life experiences.)

4. What is the central idea or aim of the video and how does it relate to the videos construction? (The video is about something that I enjoy doing everyday, self-relevant; the title
(e.g. By both mimicking and disrupting the familiar viewing patterns of popular culture, this video explores the slippages, repetitions and confusions that can permeate our real life relationships and the languages we use to communicate within them.)

Note: if you have used found footage and/or sound in your video, you should describe this clearly in your statement AND include a reference list as you would for an academic essay. (The reference list is not included in the word count.)****The music I used in this video is: Courtside by Todd Hannigan****