3D Rudder

Assessment and Presentation ( I already finished the Presentation )
The Assessment consists of a presentation and a report. .The report must have a maximum 1,500-word length. The purpose of both the presentation and the report is to analyze the innovation of the case the group was assigned in the first (Thursday) session. Your analysis should cover:
o Innovation Characteristics
? Description of the innovation;
? Type of innovation (process, product, etc.); ? Whether it could be disruptive
? Product lifecycle analysis
? Adoption attributes
o Innovation Strategies
? First mover approach
? Protection strategy (secrets, patents, copyrights, etc.) ? Complementary assets
? Appropriability strategy
The group activities throughout the course should provide the basis of the assignment content. Students are encouraged to use their personal contacts, newspaper articles, websites, academic papers, trade press, etc. to develop their analysis. Insightful and carefully selected application of concepts and models studied over the course (or indeed other courses) is rewarded.