A Case Study in Federalism

PART I: RESEARCH THE FACTS AND ISSUES OF THE CASE;Since reading and comprehending actually legal documents can be difficult (and sometimes tedious) I have provided an easy-to-understand summary of the case and the issues it presented here: (see attached files) Preview the documentView in a new window . Read over this summary carefully. Once you feel comfortable with the facts of the case, and more importantly, the legal issues involved, then use this link to visit the Oyez (https://www.oyez.org/cases/2004/03-1454) Links to an external site. legal resource site. Here you can listen to the actual audio presentations made before the Supreme Court in this case, access copies of the legal briefs presented, and opinions of the Justices. NOTE: Use the resources provided at the Oyez site to discover what decision the Supreme Court reached in this case, and the legal reasoning behind the majority opinion.PART II: WRITE AND SUBMIT; Based upon the information provided in the links above (and any other legitimate sources you may wish to employ), write a well-developed essay in which you address each of the following:1. Clearly state how you would have ruled in this case.2. Clearly explain how your interpretation of the Constitution supports your decision. Note: cite actual provisions in the Constitution, and how you would interpret them.3. Clearly explain why you rejected the legal arguments and constitutional interpretation of the side you ruled against.4. Clearly indicate how your decision in this case, and the constitutional interpretation you employed, might affect federal or state actions in the future to make laws or set standards in areas such as civil rights, the environment, or the economic conduct.5. Conclude by clearly stating how the Supreme Court ruled in this case. Clearly state if you agree or disagree with this ruling, and why. Compare your constitutional reasoning to that employed by the majority of the Supreme Court in this case.Format: Your essay must typed, at least two full pages (minimum) -to- three full pages (maximum) in length, standard 12\” font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Include your full name, the name of the course (POS 1041 WEB) on the upper-right-hand corner of the first page on your paper. Your essay must be submitted by no later than the deadline listed in the course calendar. (30 points)