\”A Street Car Named Desire Play

I need a 4-Page Essay on \”A Street Car Named Desire Play\” and an Outline and a Title Page. I cannot get an extension on these. Please write about an aspect or aspects of that play that stands out for you. It may be character, dialogue, staging, or some other aspect of the play that you feel strongly about. What do you consider is the theme or message of the play? How is that message conveyed to the audience? Then, consider what you would say about the message and how the author crafts that message in your own words. I have files that I sent you in regards to the Outline and other directions. I need 3-sources, one from the book called \”THE NORTON INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE BY KELLEY MAYS, SHORTER 12TH EDITION, and 2 other outside sources besides the book. Please make sure that I have all the 5 parts of a paper. Please make sure that I have time to go over the paper, just in case I need revisions done.