A systematic strategy for integrating interactive dashboards in an organisation within (Oil Gas Industry or Manufacturing or Supply Chain)

In regards to within the oil gas industry, manufacturing industry or supply chain industry (choose one to focus one in this assignment): i) how can interactive dashboards support decision-making; and ii) how do organisation’s integrate interactive dashboards as part of their strategic decision-making strategy. Submit 4000 words (excluding refs), which provides guidelines for integrating interactive dashboards and show how these dashboards can be used for supporting strategic decisions.This assignment asks of you to:1. Critically review and select appropriate tools and techniques suitable for gathering business intelligence.2) Capture and asses the relevant data from which business intelligence can be obtained.3. Analyse the effectiveness and critically highlight business drivers for strategic enterprise management.4. Critically appraise and present results in an appropriate business style report.: i. Critically highlight the importance of business intelligence and analytics specifically focusing on the role of interactive dashboards in supporting decision-making;ii. Show evidence of an understanding of the different methodologies and techniques for designing interactive dashboards; and devise a systematic strategy for integrating interactive dashboards in an organisation. The strategy should at least include some tools that can be used to develop interactive dashboards.Please choose either the oil gas/manufacturing or supply chain industry to focus on. Reference appropriately.