A topic related to the sociology of health and social behavior.

Base on the prospectus paper I attached in file please write a sole-authored manuscript. A topic related to the sociology of health and social behavior.This research paper should be either an empirical analysis or a critique of the literature. The “Content” section below is more relevant to the critique of the literature.If you are completing an empirical analysis, your paper should have the standard article headings: Introduction, Methods (with subheadings for data and measures), Results, and Discussion.* Please check the prospectus paper that I attached in file and the comment on that paper also. ( I also attached several article that relate to my prospectus topic, if you decide to use another topic just ignore those.)And you can decide whether stick with my topic or change the topic of the research paper, but please keep remind that make sure to list in the “References” section all studies that you cited within the text and vice versa (i.e., the studies cited in the text and listed in the references should match).* Cite properly, give credit to the author and study when paraphrasing; put in quotation marks and give the source, including page number, when quoting.If you choose my topic please try to fulfill the commentary from my professor.COMMENT ON RESEARCH PROSPECTUS PAPER:You may need to narrow your topic a little more. Also, you need to discuss mixed finding/inconsistencies in the studies reviewed (or note their consistencies) and discuss more of the limitations of those studies. Your data collection is fine, but if you find it doesn’t work out, you can just write the critical review of the literature.***Research paper must contain these CONTENTS***- Start with why your topic is important and what your research question is.- Identify themes in the literature, and critiques.1. What theories are researchers using in their studies? Are these theories useful?2. What have researchers found thus far on the topic?3. Are there any inconsistencies or mixed results from different studies? . Why might there be inconsistencies/mixed results?4. What are the limitations in the literature?a. What type of data or studies might help resolve some of these limitations?- Discussion and Conclusions1. What do we learn from this group of studies?a. What findings are consistent, what is inconsistent?b. What conclusions can you draw?2. What are the broader implications of this set of studies and/or this research topic?3. What structural solutions could be proposed?