A4 Short Analysis Paper #2

The purpose of this assignment is to make use of Mark Moore\’s concept of the \”strategic triangle\” to briefly analyze an organization. Recall that Moore, in the articles we read in class, uses the model of the strategic triangle to focus the attention of government and non-profit managers. He says that these managers should ultimately focus on creating \”public value\” through organizational actions. In doing so, managers should conceptualize their organization as operating within a triangle with three points: legitimacy, capacity, and public value. For this assignment, you will analyze a non-profit agency operating within Omaha, Nebraska, The Foodbank for the Heartland https://foodbankheartland.org/. For your analysis, use this organization\’s website, the assigned Moore articles, the Bryson and Alston text, the Bryson excerpts, and other sources of your choice. Using Moore\’s concept of the strategic triangle, describe The Foodbank for the Heartland\’s strategy: How is the organization legitimized? What are the elements of its operational capacity? How does it create public value? (As a hint in conducting this analysis, note that Moore uses a large national non-profit in one of his articles to demonstrate how the triangle model is operationalized).

This paper must be written in modified APA style (see the Syllabus and Important Information tab), and must include a list of references. The paper must be formatted using Times New Roman, 12-pt font with 1 inch margins.

I will upload the Mark Moore Articles.
Focus on pp. 196-202 in the Moore article: Managing for Value. Focus on the introduction in Moore and Moore, Creating Public Value Through State Arts Agencies and on the last article focus on pp 1-10 of Moore and Khagram.

The Text Book is, Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit organizations, 4th edition, ISBN: 978-0-470-39251-5

Please make reference from the three Moore papers and at least one from the text book.
I will also a sample paper format for your convenience and the respective power point used for this assignment.