Aboriginal History


1. Why are some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people opposed to the Federal Government\’s \’Recognise\’ campaign?
–50 WORDS—

2. Why has land and country been so important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? Draw on multiple set tutorial readings to describe. —60-70 WORDS—

3. Drawing on Billy Griffith\’s article, what is at stake in determining the length of Aboriginal occupation in Australia? Why does it matter to so many people? — 70-80 WORDS–

-( Billy Griffiths The World in a Grain of Sand Griffith Review 41 https://griffithreview.com/articles/a-world-in-a-grain-of-sand/ )

4. What was the key intervention (or argument) of Galarrwuy Yunupingu\’s Essay \’Tradition, Truth and Tomorrow\’? –60 WORDS—

5. Describe what this reading was about, why it matters and how it will help you as you become a historian.
( Stanner, W. (1953) \’The Dreaming\’ in White man got no dreaming : Essays, 1938-1973. Canberra: Australian National University Press, 197, page-304-315 ) —-60-70 WORDS—-