Get into the LU databases and find some academic articles that would help you with this persuasive paper. This paper requires five academic articles, but for this assignment, name at least three. ( fine to list all five.) In a brief paragraph, tell me what topic you have chosen, what side of the issue you will be promoting, and mention at least three of the sources you will use. At least one of the three sources should discuss the side of the argument you are NOT promoting. Your paragraph should be in an MLA formatted document with a complete heading, title and page number.Here is an example of what the paragraph should be:Recent political discussions have centered around the idea of gun control. Some people believe that the country needs stricter laws that would keep guns out of dangerous hands. Other people believe that such laws would be a violation of Second Amendment rights. use information from an article in the American Journal of Sociology, an article from the US Law Journal, and an article from the Journal of American History. The article from the American Journal of Sociology includes information that could support the idea of stricter laws.