Academic Essay on Narrative Counselling Therapy

Choose narrative counselling therapy and engage with the relevant theoretical material in this postmodern counselling modality. The task is to write an essay explaining the theoretical framework of narrative therapy, and the response should include:

?a brief examination of the overarching
philosophical framework within which
narrative therapy is situated
?the view of self that informs the modality
?the view of mental health and illness
within the modality
?the conceptualisation of the therapeutic
relationship within the modality (including
roles/position of therapist and client)
?an examination of key techniques within
the modality
?critique of the modalitys strengths and
?knowledge of, and reference to key
authors of the modality and any other
supporting Literature

It is important in an academic essay to provide a balance between description and critique (i.e., analysis and synthesis of ideas). A clear outline of the modality (narrative counselling therapy) followed by a deeper examination of it strengths and limitations will help to provide a comprehensive understanding of narrative therapy within the limits of the word length allowed.