Academic Writing, Citations and Formatting Practise

Using your topic of interest and the two literature reviews, write a 1 page paper, APA format, summarizing the findings by using at least 3 in-text citations including summary, direct quote and paraphrasing. The research should also add reference to the PMBOK reflecting research on your topic of interest, for example, risk management approaches.The 3 – 4 paragraph paper should synthesize the perspectives of these three resources with your perspective and include a summary paragraph of any gap, problem, or additional research opportunity. A second page, the References, should be included.APA formatting must be used for the body of the paper and the referenceThe topic I interest is: Human resources management in multi-project. It is easy to have conflict to manage HR especially they work on more than one resources at same time. So I want to work on that.There are three resources required to use as reference:Which are:PMBOK ( chapter 9 is related to HR Management : literature review: the link is in the literature review worksheet which attached in additional materials. Please do not copy anything from literature review worksheet, this is the home work I did last week. This assignment highly pay attention on citation and plagiarism. Thank you so much