Accounting Theory and Analysis

In regards to references, please use the attached annual report of TABCORP 2016 as the main source.

There is a note regarding what type of referencing should be used: Obscure websites found by chance on Google are not considered good sources of information. Primary/original information sources are more reliable. Marks will be deducted if too many secondary sources are used where primary sources are clearly available.

Please have mainly journal articles as references as well.

If you are able to, please refer to the book: Rankin, M., Stanton, P., McGowan, S., Ferlauto, K., Tilling, M. 2012. Contemporary Issues in Accounting, Wiley. ISBN:978-0-7303-0026-7

The number given above that represents the number of sources / references isn\’t exact, please feel free to adjust as you see fit.

Please adhere to the instructions of the assessment.

Lastly, I will attach all I can to help assist you.
Thanks 🙂