Acid Mine Drainage and the Associated Environmental Impacts on Surface Water, Groundwater and Soil Quality

Summarise the assessment task(s) that the student will be required to complete. Include breakdown of marks if more than one task is included
The assessment task will be a written report to be handed in by 14 November 2016.

The report will be a ~5,000 word scientific report that presents an introduction to the subject, a detail list and explanation of the different environmental Impacts on surface, ground water and soil quality .

There will be 2-3 meetings with the supervisors on demand basis to discuss reading progress, literature and papers, and writing progress. It is the students responsibility to call for meetings.

The breakdown of the assessment is as follows:

Introduction including Scientific Background & Aim of study (20%)
Summary of Impacts with short explanations (20%)
Detailed background for at least 3 of the listed impacts (20%)
Possible remedies to mitigate environmental impacts: 3 case studies (20%)
Discussion of findings & conclusions (20%)

List the Learning Outcomes that are planned for the unit and link them to the assessment task(s) above.

At the end of this unit, the student will be able to:
1. Understand the effect of mining and mine tailings on the environment
2. Know in detail the background and sources of these effects
3. Capacity to present ideas clearly with supporting evidence, and write a report.

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Academic Supervisor:


Some literature to help :
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