ADA Accessibility Paper

Note: For parts b and c (barriers and recommendations to improve upon the barrier), you will need to
indicate where in the Americans with Disabilities Standards for Accessible Design (i.e. the standard # in
the checklist) the barrier/recommendation is discussed.
You must organize your paper using the following headings a-d (APA style):
a. Advantages: (4 points)
Describe those aspects from your survey of the recreation setting (physical and programmatic), that
have been made accessible and would provide opportunities for inclusive recreation participation. Make
sure to include the summary of the positive/accessible areas from each priority of your completed
b. Barriers: (4 points)
Describe the physical and programmatic barriers that are present that would inhibit or limit participation
by people with disabilities. Identify people with disabilities who may be influenced by these barriers,
and how they would be influenced. Make sure to include the summary of the inaccessible areas and the
Standard # in that area from each priority of your completed checklist.
c. Accessibility Recommendations: (5 points)
Provide a list of specific recommendations for how the agency could improve accessibility based on the
barriers you found. Again, using the Standard #, designate which of your recommendations should be
implemented to be in compliance with the law. Also, indicate which of your recommendations, although
not legally required, would be in keeping with the spirit of the law (see Chapter 9), and would reflect a
general commitment to inclusive recreation participation
d. Global Review of Disability and Accessibility: (7 points)
i. Choosing a country and researching and reading resources:
1) First go to the following website: Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund-International
Choose a country you are interested in researching and that provides one or more specific
law(s)/act(s) on disability rights. (Do not choose the USA.)
2) Also, review and read through the following websites to help you with your research and in
writing the global review of the country and its comparison to the USA:
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund- International Disability Rights:

International Disability Rights

Disability Rights International:
Disability Rights International- International Policy Advocacy:

International Policy Advocacy

Disabled Peoples International- North America and the Caribbean
Disabled Peoples International- Europe:
Disabled Peoples International- Asia Pacific Region:
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3) Additional websites or sources that you find. (Please message me if you find other sources that
were helpful to you. There are always new sites out there!)
ii. You will need to provide the following information for the global review portion of your paper.
1) In your opinion, how did the Americans with Disabilities Act impact society the most and more
specifically, people with disabilities?
2) Also, for the country that you chose from the Disability Rights Education & Defense FundInternational
Laws documents):
– Provide a general overview of disability rights for your chosen country.
– Discuss how the country compares to different areas you have read about and watched
throughout the semester concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act (i.e. compare the
ADA titles/content from Chapter 8: Respond to the Americans with Disabilities Act and
compare this to similar titles/content from the law(s) for your chosen country).
– How do you feel the country compares historically (are they ahead or behind the US and
– What do you think would be the outcome of the ADA accessible design survey (i.e. the
checklist) of your building in that country? Provide two examples (Please note, you may have
to do additional research to find the answers).
3) In addition, describe what accomplishments society has made (across the world- inside and outside
the USA) in overcoming barriers (attitudinal as well as architectural) for the rights of people with
disabilities and on inclusion in general. On a global scale, what do you feel we still have yet to do?
4) What role does recreation and sport services have in helping society (the USA and the world)
overcome such barriers in the future and enhancing the rights, independence, and inclusion for
people with disabilities around the world?
Provide citations (if you paraphrase and/or quote) to support your answers/discussion from your
course and assignment readings/viewings and from additional literature you may have discovered
and read from your research for this assignment. Also, make sure to include the sources of these
citations in the reference list at the end of your paper!