Advance Theoretical Perspectives for Nursing. Discussion Question.

Discussion QuestionChoose a theory that finds practical application in critical care/pediatric/psychiatric nursing and discuss the origins of the theory based on the following criteria:• How did the happenings of the nursing profession impact the origin of this theory?• What values, evidence, or existing knowledge did the theorist cite to support the theory?• What was the theorist’s motivation behind writing the theory?Note to the writer: I attached two papers from two of my classmates to give you an idea about the topic. Please, choose another theory and do not copy from these papers because it would be plagiarism. My professor is very strict and demanding with APA on citations and reference; so please make sure you pay close attention on that. You need to use my textbook to write this paper.Butts, J. B. (2015). Philosophies and Theories for Advances Nursing Practice, 2nd Edition. [South University]. Retrieved from 58543/