Advocacy, public policy and the sustainability of community sport

With an overall objective of understanding how the relationships and interests of sport are best served in relation to community sport, this research project addresses the community sport policy process in Australia with a focus on policy development and implementation, sustainability concerns and advocacy for sport clubs involved with sport at grass-roots level. The key theory involved is the Advocacy Coalition Framework. I would like circa 2,000 words added to the existing file (which will be uploaded separately to improve the existing document, as per the following:

a. Reduce the groups to investigate to what is relevant but expand upon the relevance of the groups selected to investigate
b. Establish detailed relevant measures based on the Advocacy Coalition Framework to investigate
c. Provide more specific detail for approach to analysis as opposed to current generic details. At the moment, the suggested types of analysis may not represent the best approach and have no specific detail.
d. Create surveys for community sport clubs that focus on beliefs and attitudes stemming from the ACF
e. Create interview questions for community sport clubs that probe more deeply beliefs and attitudes linked to the ACF and the involvement on an advocacy group
f. Create interview questions for sport associations (either at regional or state level)
g. Create interview questions for Illawarra Forum