Ageism through the lens of personal ethics and Social Work Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice


2. Explore the same ism from Online Assignment #1
and are asked to find one additional peer reviewed resource.
3. Learners have the option of finding an additional non-academic source on the topic (You
tube, blog, Podcastetc.)
4. Learners are to reflect on the ism through a Liberation lens.
5. Learners are asked to examine the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice and
reflect on the role of professional identity and ethics in relationship to your ism.
6. Learners are then asked to apply this analysis to an experiential exploration of the ism
over the course of a week.

These are the questions:

a. How does oppression or liberation relate relate to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice?

b. Through Ageism critically examine what the social work response might be using the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as guidelines.

c. What core social work values in the CASW Code of Ethics (2005) might guide your ethical practice in regards to yours Ageism.

d. Can you identify any conflicts between your own personal values and the social work values and how these might impact the oppression or liberation of client, group or community?
for this question I would say that i might have a conflict when it comes to Integrity of professional values and competence in professional practice

e. How will you plan to responsibly handle the conflict?

f. How can individuals reconcile a strong religious value and belief system with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice? Provide possible areas of difference as
well as areas of agreement and examine how to make a decision that would be in the best interests of the client.

g. To help facilitate an online discussion learners are required to ask a thoughtful and reflective question to their group about the learners post.

So, you have to read my Ageism paper that I will upload and some pages from the Mullay book. Also there are these articles and you need to find additional peer reviewed one

Ageism.pdf (372.341 KB)
AOP article

Also, it will help if you find articles regarding this:
Liberation vs Dominant Paradigm- we will explore liberation theory as
it relates to AOP, concepts of charity and solidarity, social action, working for justice while working with in the system