America\’s Metanarritive

For research, this paper will explore the development of the American metanarrative and determine whether the values, beliefs, and behaviors promulgated by the early colonists are still relevant today.(A metanarrative is a story we tell about ourselves, what we do, and what is expected; it is a story that links our smaller storied together and gives us unity, social psychological, and intellectual..”)In a detailed manor describe how these three beliefs: freedom, individualism, and prosperity contribute to TODAYS American metanarrative. Identify the beliefs (listed above) that emerge in the colonial period that contribute to America today. Compare and contrast to the present as conveyed in the President’s State of the Union speech. Draw conclusion about the values and beliefs that created our metanarrative and whether they support the “individual good” or “common good.”- Incorporate 3 direct quotes from one of the attached resources for each belief. (This will be a total of 9 quotes)- STRONG thesis- Intro: discuss what a metanarrative is.- 3 body paragraphs- Conclusion