An essay about the ideology of romance that you think the romantic comedy genre in movies is currently projecting on you as a contemporary viewer compared to projections of the past. Contrast and comparison of 2 movies, The Lady Eve & SilverLining Pla

The topic of the paper is detailedly: an essay about the ideology of romance that you think the romantic comedy genre is currently projecting on you as a contemporary viewer compared to the projections of the past. A compare contrast argumentative essay, not a description, about two movies in the romantic comedy genre;
1) The Lady Eve directed by Preston Sturges 1941
2) Silver Lining Playbook directed by David Russell 2012

The focus point of the paper is paying particular attention to the structure of the comedies, as well as the conventions and traditions that are being challenged, fiddled with, and/or reinforced, and discuss whether the order restored at the end works and is convincing.
How are two movies similar, and how are they different?
– Make sure you compare both movies deeply with character analysis, how relationships are formed, how the films are structured because there are 60 years between two films so make sure you tell how they have STILL COMMON IDEOLOGIES and how they have TOTALLY DIFFERENT aspects as well.

Only refer to these 2 movies and please watch them before writing very carefully. There is an article by Kathleen Rowe, \”The Professor-Hero by Sturges: The Lady Eve\”. Make sure you give reference to this article throughout the essay. Use only 2 movies and this article as a source. Provide a Work Cited page as the 6th page for these 3 sources.

– Make sure you handle the portrayal of gender in both films. For example, in Lady Eve, the woman has a dominant character although in 1940\’s you expect men to be more autonomous.
– In introduction provide a background knowledge of ideologies of romantic comedy. Don\’t forget that Lady Eve took place during World War II, therefore tie every judgment you make to a reliable cause.

– Provide an interesting hook about the ideologies of romantic comedy
– Give very very short summary of what the movies is about and provide good background knowledge for the ideologies of romantic comedies
– Write a clear thesis statement accentuating how these films are similar and different and what are these comparisons (all the information you talk about in the paper has to be tied to thesis!)

Body Paragraphs:
– Make sure to start with a clear and developed topic sentence to each body. and each body paragraph should handle a different situation. You can mostly focus on the women but consider other structures as well for sure. (How is Jennifer Lawrence portrayed and Eve)
– Provide evidence from the article with correct MLA style (line number) and always refer to both films specifically. When you make a claim just don\’t tell what it is explain how it is tied to societal norms and expectations and relate to romantic comedy ideologies.
– Please use advanced vocabulary all the time as this is a premium level paper

– End the conclusion effectively summing up the comparison between the films and their relation to the romantic comedy genre.

– 5 Full pages please
– 6th Page as Work Cited with (Lady Eve, Silver Lining Playbook, and Kathleen Rowe article)
– Kathleen Rowe article and Essay Topic document are uploaded for you. Please watch the two films.
– Make sure this is an analytical essay between comparing two films and every claim you make should tie to romantic comedy genre, so always give evidence of what you say and write clear developed and descriptive sentences.
You can provide always your opinion but make sure to say \”According to my culture, this act is labeled as…\” do not generalize and say \”cultures don\’t approve this act\” because it varies.

I would really appreciate if you would read all the instructions I\’ve provided, as the paper is very significant.

MOST IMPORTANTLY make sure there is 0 plagiarism.

Thank you.