An overview of innovation in the XYZ industry/Company ABC

An overview of innovation in the XYZ industry/Company ABC

You must base on an industry or even a specific company of your liking (for Parts 2 and 3). The format is a management report.

Part 1: Provide a brief introduction to each of the topics in the table below that must include one or more cited definitions from credible sources. One paragraph per topic.

Innovation type (Topics):
1. Product
2. Service
3. Marketing
4. Process
5. Technology
6. Business Model
7. Organisation / Management

Part 2: Demonstrate the different types of innovation in the table above by means of appropriate examples from the extant academic literature, or publicly available information sources (you may include videos or images). If you find it difficult to come up with a specific example in any of the categories, take the liberty and propose something that you imagine would add significant value in your chosen industry, and justify your reasons. 150-200 words per topic.

Part 3: Briefly speculate on what form or shape disruptive innovation can take in the coming years, and/or is already transforming your chosen industry. Maximum 400 words.