Analysis of carriers liability and marine insurance cover.

Scenario: During the night Mr. A. Wake, the second officer, is alone on the bridge of the m/s Night Owl (Note: the officer in charge of the navigational watch is not allowed to be the sole look-out during hours of darkness according to STCW Code (Seafarers Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) Section A-VIII/2 part 3-1).

At approximately 2:18 a.m. Mr. Wake trips over his shoelaces, falls over and hits his head against the radar console, knocking himself unconscious. Ten minutes later, while Mr. Wake is still unconscious, the ship runs aground. The grounding results in significant damage to the ships hull. Seawater enters a cargo hold and damages the cargo in that hold.

Task: Discuss whether or not the Carriers is liable for the damage to the cargo and outline what insurance cover the owners of the ship and cargo respectively, would have under standard hull and cargo insurance conditions.

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