Analysis of case study for International Relation

Please find attached for case study.
Choice of Theories are:

Your paper should include the following things, though not necessarily in this order:

A summary of the case: What is the case study you have chosen, and (briefly) what is the background and context of the case? 200 words

A brief discussion of the theory you have selected and its basic principles.150 words

An analysis of the application of the theory to the case 500 words:

1. How does your theory explain or interpret the case?
2. What are the major assumptions, issues and actors identified by the theory?
3. What does the theory suggest are the limitations or incentives presented to the actors involved?

A reflection on the relevance of your chosen theory in explaining or interpreting the case: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen theory?

Does the theory you have chosen lead you to make any recommendations about how states should resolve the issue?