analysis of immigrant labour in agriculture and marx\’s view of alienation

In this essay, I want to find some phenomenon of immigrant labour (especially on inequality), and make it associates with Karl Marxs theory of Alienation. The reason I want to choose this topic is because I believe maybe inequality of immigrant as another type of classes struggle. I really want to make a connection between illegal immigrants and labour theory. I am going to firstly talk about the Alienation theory of workers from Marxist theory. How he firstly claimed this as a sharp experience in the modern bourgeois society. After that I would argue the problem he has mentioned is still a problem for the immigrant labourer today. I would argue labour-power, as a factor of production and it indicates capitalists profit. Capitalists better off relies on labourers worse off. So it naturally creates an enormous struggle and conflict between working class and bourgeois. (Class conflict)
There are four type of alienation for labours according to Marxs theory. The first one is the alienation with other workers. Since they are under capitalism economy, every labour would compete with each other on their amount of production. This type of relation hindered the communication and friendship between workers, which isolated individuals. (After explain Marxs theory, I would focus on talking about the differences between immigrant workers and local workers)The second one is the alienation of the commodity they create. This is the paradox when workers create commodities but the wage they gained is not sufficient for them to purchase the product they demand. (How the immigrant workers benefit individual firms and the national economy, but what about their life condition to compare with those legal citizens) The third one is the alienation of labours working and their production. As Karl Marx defined, class conflict between the proletariats and bourgeois is the nature of the capitalism. Once labours created commodities, they are actually weakened their own strength to negotiate with their employers. (I would argue the reason that government of receiving country publish the law to ban the right of the immigrant workers is because they no longer need them economically, what they can no longer have legal status to produce stuff, for example, food in foreign country)And the fourth one is the alienation of species-essence. This stands for that labour doing work is actually hinder their potential growth as a human. (Like how immigrant workers doing the low skill level work even when they are capable to something else). In this article, I also need to explain how the alienation of migrant labour is different with the alienation of labour in general.
In the end, I want to provide a conclusion such as the immigrant workers issue (more or less on racialization problem), is actually another type of the class struggle. It is a crucial problem in society and it need to be solved.