Analysis of Scenario

Task: Analysis of Scenario

Read the following case scenario and comment on as many legal aspects in it that you can identify. Without passing sentence on the unfortunate individuals involved in this hypothetical situation, comment on the actions taken by the principals, teachers and leaders/managers concerned, and outline what steps they might have taken with regard to legal risk management to minimise the exposure of themselves, their education systems and organisations to legal action. In your commentary make appropriate references to the literature, cases, Common Law, Statute Law, employer regulations and policies examined in this subject. In your commentary you can refer to principles of law used in examining one aspect of a scenario when examining another scenario without listing the principles of law again.

Criteria for Assessment:

A rubric, aligned to the following criteria, will be send as a word file

1 In this assignment it will be essential to:
2 Identify pertinent legal issues/concerns arising from the scenario;
3 Critically analyse these issues, and in support of your analysis refer to relevant legal principles both of a Common Law and Statute Law nature, policies/regulations and the literature examined in this subject;
4 Consider implications from this scenario for school leaders in relation to leadership and management of schools, professional practice and legal risk management in schools;
5 Relate your paper to your school/sector/system/nation;
6 Demonstrate wide reading, reflection and critical thinking; and,
7 Present your paper in a professional manner.

PLEASE NOTE ( For the fifth point of criteria: my job is a Teacher at aprimary school in Saudi Arabia )


1 The study is: Master of Education in Australian Uni
The subject is: Law in Education

2 Please, make sure to apply the CRITERIA step by step without forget anything of them.

3 – The fifth point from the CRITERIA about my school, So, My job is a teacher at a primary school in Saudi Arabia. ( So, please consider that when you are doing this assignment)

4 I will send all the READINGS as a attachments.
5 – PLEASE, do not use any reading from your own, unless about Saudi Arabia law in education

6 The most important reading should you use are:
* Butler & Mathews (2007). Schools and the law. Chapter: 1&2&3 ( Major text )
* Stewart & Knott (2002). Schools, courts and the law. Chapter: 1&2&6&7&8&12 (Recommended text )
All of them I will send as attachments or at 4share website.

7- Also, I will send the (Assignment Feedback Rubric) which the Lecturer use it to score this assignment.