analysis of subject growing up using developmental theories and conflict theory

Analysis on subject using theories and concept use subheadings for each: 1. Erik Erikson theory on the life span approach 2.Ecological perspective 3.Conflict Theory 4.Bicultural Socializtion theory
5. hean piagets theory of cognitive development 6. Rational choice theory
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**Notes on Subject**
Grew up as a child in the Great Depression, strict parents, went to church faith is important**The subject Mrs. Sarah Lee, a ninety-six-year-old Caucasian female, experienced multiple significant relationships, and major accomplishments over her life course, according to Erick Ericksons psychosocial stages, the experiences over a persons life course influences the bio-psycho-social development and behavior. Mrs. Sarah Lees earliest childhood memory started with her father reading action comics for entertainment and family time. Sarah was around seven years old, she says, I loved having my father read comics it kept us close together. Mrs. Lee recalled her childhood as a good and blessed one. Sarah loved her mother and father along with her two brothers and one sister. The family would go to the Lutheran Church every Sunday. As a child, Sarah participated in the church activities and sports. One of the many influences in her life came from the Lutheran Sunday school teacher. Mrs. Lee looks back and realizes that she had several authoritative figures she admired and respected. However, Sarah parents taught her to be an obedient child who later learned to look up to them. The behavior of respect came from the observance of the parents and the learned behavior of consequences for example of not getting her allowance a nickel, dime or a swat also know as a spanking. Although she had learned to respect her parents she adapted the principle of doing the right thing from her many role models a Sunday school teacher, Girl Scout teacher, and teachers in school. Sarah recalled the emotion of fear from one teacher because she was so scary in the sense of the actions of swatting the other children for disciplinary actions. The only thing that helped Sarahs fear is prayer and helped her get through the class as well as, knowing that she needed to make the right decision. The splendid relationship with her parents started from as young as she could remember Sundays were visiting days with the family. The family would go for a ride to go swimming, in the lake or the stream because no pools were there back in her days as a child. Mrs. Lee takes after her mother because she is a worrier and if she didnt do the right thing shed get punished. The father an outgoing and friendly person is what Mrs. Lee found in her husband. Sarah looked up older people- impressed her by the things they did, looked up to authoritative figures. The family was close-knit and took care of one another through tough times. As Mrs. Lee explains, she remembered the Great Depression and understood that the family was struggling after moving in with her grandparents once her father lost his job, as a person who hangs up the paper to dry for print. Lutheran league, cattily before you joined the church and still attends now, active and More like her mother, mother stayed at home. Competence: Industry vs. Inferiority (childhood 7-12): Death of her grandparents, ten yrs. Old *If children are encouraged to do things and then are rewarded for their accomplishments, they then demonstrate industry, Remembers seeing her father cry, she cried a lot during this time due to her relationship with her grandparents on her father side. Her mothers parents were so strict, and she was afraid of the grandfather as well as her mom and dad. Middle Childhood Adolescence: Identity vs. Role Confusions (13-19)
During the adolescent years, she would play with her youngest brother and sister.
State Police strict and she remembers getting her driving license test and she flunked it the first time, and it was so far from work and home she needed to get her driver\’s license at 19
1940 had first child, little white radio and it was a Sunday morning, spellbound when she heard that the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor on the radio, she wasnt fearful
Married her husband, had a child at 19 yrs. Old **Pink flowers, her son would always send her flowers**Oldest son: obedient child active in school did very well. Concerned about her son, he was emotional child, Didnt go to work until youngest daughter went to school
No significant problems with kids, close-knit, taught them to be respectful and obedient, all four never had problems her children are passing down the way they were raised, great grandchildren in college, First television the children were allowed to watch it before they ate dinner but not after and not much during school. Hoover Election parents talking about it, parents were Republican, they did not come out and say personal things about the candidates, feels that today is awful with the language and crime she never experienced this as a child, You could walk through York and not be afraid. Had to be at home by 10:30 pm she walked by herself over a mile and didnt have a boyfriend during her senior year of high school, people only had one car in the family, parents didnt patronize their children, and they walked their kids to school. She never heard of scandals or no one would even whisper or print anything bad about things happening to children. Her playmates were Catholic, experienced other culture as a child. Adulthood: Love: Intimacy vs. Isolation: (24-30) growing up with friends. Interest in a bridge club, she started the club, her family always played cards, and her friends taught her how to play bridge she took up the interest and started a club. Raising a family is her success. Three daughters who retired successfully from their careers due to the parenting of Sarah and her husband. The girls are retired.
Erikson stage of Generativity vs. stagnation (35 to 65 years). Mrs. Lee is teaching her kids to do the right thing, and they are passing the culture and lessons learned for the next generation. Sarah makes a lasting contribution to her great grandkids while focusing beyond the self, in raising her children and their children. Sarah gave up her concentration on going to college and started a path to her career in business with her husband. The opportunity led to a good paying job and being able to be a mother at the same time. The legacy of the Mrs. Sarah Lee and her husband\’s business is passed down to help the community and their family. Mrs. Sarah says, I have not regretted about not going to college, my choices led me to live a full life.\” Working for an Industrial Company that paid well and the first year got married and became a mother, 14 months and had the first child, so she then joined her husband in her business to take care of the first born child. Mrs. Lee wanted to go to college but couldnt due to the cost her parents could not send her at the time.(Children begins to create their life going to college) Departing life lessons in the Domains of generativity Wisdom: Ego Integrity vs. Despair (65+). Sarah\’s feeling she did the right thing in life lived a full life causing a sense of honesty, son died at the age of 35. Dr. found colon cancer several times, excellent dr., problems today is with her food, the surgeries made her colon shorter, Feels she was treated fairly in life. Presently, Sarah lives with her husband in independent living, but her husband who has dementia lives on a separate floor. The husband missed her, so she moved in with him. Her philosophy is to do what is right.She no longer drives, misses driving, got rid of her car, due to her son wanting her not to drive anymore. She is happy and is satisfied with her life and sees a great future for her next generation.