Analysis Teacher talk

Assessment task 2:
Analysis Teacher talk

Task: A linguistic analysis of a teachers interaction in an English language class, with a focus on how the interaction supports or does not support language development. You are required to draw on one of the analytical frameworks discussed in the class lectures and readings.

The lesson is provided as a link for you to work on.
Bills lesson

Length: 3000 (not including the transcription)

Criteria: Weight 60%
a. Succinctness of description of the class, the learners and lesson focus 10%
b. Clarity of description of your analytical framework 15%
c. Accuracy of identification of student learning and language development 15%
d. Clarity of description language features according to your analytical framework 25%
e. Clarity of discussion about the teachers role and language use.15%
f. Relevance of reading 10%
g. Cohesiveness and accuracy of writing 10%