Analysis the book

The book that I chose for this managerial communication project is \”Top ten mistakes that leaders make\” by hans finzel. writer should read the book fully and analysis each chapter. Citations should based on the book but other outside sources are also allowed. I fill the topic but it is really your choice to decide the topic of the project. Here is the full introduction for the project.

Using a book approved by professor, the final product will include a high quality 6 page (content) page formal memo with proper in-text and end of document citations

Purpose 1. Increase your awareness of the importance and value of effective managerial communication best practices in
2. Demonstrate application of what you use in analysis, examples and application. 3. Explain what you learned and how you can use it in as a manager when communicating, leading,
motivating, instructing, evaluating, and or disciplining.

Written component
4. Use a formal memo report format. 5. Use effective business report writing techniques (direct, concise, succinct, write in one voice). 6. Use secondary business research techniques. 7. Identify best practices and unsuccessful processes for applying your subject communication techniques and
policies in a business setting.
8. Become intimately familiar with a current communication issue in a specific business setting in the real world
you will become a part of.
9. Use APA citation styles in a formal report. 10. Remember: There is no limit to the number of points lost due to editing, spelling, or grammar errors.

Structure of the project:
1 page Executive summary memo (see Kolin)
6 page Formal memo format (body of content)
Reference page
use page number
use appropriate headings, sub-headings

Note: English is not my first language so you don\’t have to write complex long sentences. Keep it clear and straight forward. Words choice should be focus on business area.