analytical report?The issue inin the Asia and Pacific region according to the Newspaper article

1. I only need 2500 words in report body no more than 2500 words in the report body part, and the 150 or 200 words for Executive Summary
2.The report need to have the report structure: executive summary, table of contents, introduction, discussion (subsections apply if necessary), recommendations, conclusions, references, and appendices (a copy of the newspaper article etc.). ?
3. The instruction will be uploaded, please follow my instruction, and please reed the requirements for choosing the article and mark criteria (the documents which i will uploaded ). please read and follow those.
4. The issue must be in the Asia and Pacific region, and please give the newspaper article in the appendices.
5. Do not focus on executive summary, introduction and conclusion. Please take most words on Discussion and recommendation part.
6. Do not tell the story from the newspaper, you need to analysis the issue. You are required to identify a current issue from a newspaper article (or an article on a news website) which (may) affect the tourism industry in the Asia and Pacific region.Critically analyse the issue and its (potential) impact on the tourism industry. Discuss the possible management strategies that the tourism industry can put in place to address the issue