Animal Essay – Phrynosoma coronatum

Research essay about an animal: Phrynosoma coronatum (Coast Horned Lizard)General requirements of the paper:* The paper should be written in essay format* Paragraphs should be divided to cover each section listed below*minimum 3 sources, 2 of the 3 sources must be non-internet sources (books, journals, articles, field guides work, …)*sources have to be cited within the paper and at the end of the paperCONTENT OF THE PAPER:- General characteristics: Taxonomy (list form: kingdom, phylum, class, etc.; description of physical features (use metric units); What type of habitat does this animal live in?- Diet: Wat does it eat?; How does it capture its food? (special structures, behavior, etc.)- Anatomy/physiology: Does it thermoregulate?(i.e. metabolically, behaviorally, or by staying in an areawith a constant temperature range) Any special adaptations in addition to stay warm?; What organs does it use to balance its water content?; How does it exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide?; Does it have a circulatory system? If yes, then describe its circulatory system. If no, describe how materials move through the body of the animal.; What skeletal structure does it have? How does it move around?- reproduction: Sexual reproduction or both asexual and sexual?; Male and female sexes separate or in one body? Can you tell the differencebetween male and female? If yes, what are their different features?; Seasonal mating/how often does mating occur?; How many offspring? Gestation period? Parental care?- In your own words: What is special about this animal? (Unique or “strange” features, etc); What interesting aspect would you study about this animal?