Antioxidant properties of green vegetables

Poster design must conform to accepted style guidelines:- There must be a Title that describes the subject;- Underneath the title you must give your Name, Course and Department;- The poster should be organized into columns;- At the top of the first column, there must be a short Abstract;- This is followed by the Introduction;- Then comes the main content of the poster – use headings for the different sections and include a brief Discussion;- At the end there should be brief Conclusion;- Finally, you must include References in Harvard style in the TEXT, under Tables and Figures and in a Reference list at the end.The use of colour, borders, figures and tables is strongly recommended. Make sure that you don’t have too much text that is too crowded and/or too small to read easily.Please create this in power point and I will make a poster of your presentation. I am sending you attachment as example but this is somebody work so do not copy it.