Application 2

Brush et al., Using Technology to Support the Unique Needs of Gifted Learners: Promise and Challenges
Adams & Pierce, Science and Children: Teaching by Tiering
Lesson Plan

Please my final paper is this template–My professor is very strict and doesn\’t accept anything that doesn\’t met her expectations. Application 1 (former paper) was not accepted. I called in because the writer didn\’t follow her expectations, please read the directions and instructions carefully and let me know if you have any questions! thank you!

Application Task 2: Plan and submit a Tiered Lesson: The document called Appendix B Planning Template is provided to help you plan a Tiered Lesson. You are required to base your lesson on readiness. Addressing interest is optional. This is a graded assignment and should be submitted by Friday. In this lesson, include the use of technology, which reflects both the principles of appropriate use of technology and appropriate tiering of lessons. Keep in mind that the use of technology does not necessarily mean that a task is high level. It\’s the thinking involved that counts.
Keep in mind that your lesson must be complete in terms of details related to tasks, questions, assessments, and management, and don\’t forget to complete the reflection for this Application.