Approach to research

First you have to report and sumerize and reflect chapter number 8, 9 14, 10 , 4 from the book ( INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH METHODS IN EDUCATION) by keith J Punch and Alis Qancea. So you have to include subheadings for each chapter( title of the chapter) and report it and summerize and reflect each chapters separately
The after reported all chapters that i mentioned u have to include 300 words as a concluding statment of the learning in relation to topic learning outcome( so in the previous order under the same topic you wrot and summarized the rest other chapters from the same book, so in the 300 words as a concluding u have to write about what u have reported in the previous work and in this work in relation together and what you have benefited and how it is benefited in learning

Im going to upload the pic of the book that u have to report its chapters
And the previous assignment which has been written by one of your writers to help u to memorize and writ the 300 words concluding
And some references that u have to u them to support ur report
Please be careful and very accuracy when u write this work