argument essay on social media

all papers should be double-spaced. all papers should have a works cited page. the thesis should be one of the following underlined, bold, or italicized.

Task: Submit to complete this assignment

Using the guidelines and model set forth in PCI 1.5, write a 750 word Argumentative Essay that incorporates synthesis of at least two sources for support. These may be sources from PCI or elsewhere. Your topic may be one of the concerns raised for you in reading the Homelessness & Poverty, Bioethics, Social Media, Marketing and the American Consumer, or Popular Culture chapters. Your topic does not have to strictly adhere to approaching the themes in the same way the PCI essays do but can grow out of them in a way that interests you, branching off in whatever direction works for you. You should take care to avoid logical fallacies and inconsistencies, as pointed out in PCI 1.5. And you should take care to include the components of a well-developed argument, as pointed out in PCI 1.5. You should include at least one long (block) quote, one paraphrase, and one short quote, all of them properly formatted. For help on formatting citations, please refer back to PCI 1.6.95-117 & PCI 1.7.118-179.