argumentative essay

Rhetorical Situation: Suppose that you are a member of an editorial board deciding the contents of a new edition of our textbook. The board assigns you a pair of related essays and asks you to develop an argument explaining what you recommend to do with the pair. You have two choices:You can choose to keep one of the essays and reject the other one. If you do this, you must explain why one of the essays is useful and the other is not worth keeping in the textbook.You can choose to pair the essays together and explain why both should be published in the textbook because the two essays complement each other especially well. Organization of Your Paper:1) Your first paragraph should present a brief summary of both essays. Keep in mind that your audience for this paper is your fellow editors, and they are familiar with the contents of both target essays, so you do not need to present a detailed paraphrase of either essay. Keep your summaries short. Each summary should explain in your own words the thesis of the essay and briefly state the writer’s major strategy for supporting or developing his/her thesis. (See the instructor’s example paper in iCollege).2) YOUR thesis statement should come at the end of your first paragraph. It should state clearly either why you are keeping the two essays in the book as an interesting pair that complement each other, OR it should explain which essay you are keeping, which you are rejecting, and why. Of course, as a thesis statement it should present your main idea in compact form; it should be a summation of your main idea.3) Your body paragraphs should support your thesis by explaining why you think your chosen essay is better than the one you reject OR why you think these two essays work together especially well. You are responsible for devising the criteria on which you base your choices, but keep in mind the elements of good argument that you have covered in the assigned reading in our textbook.SOURCES I AM USING:\”White Privilege: the invisible knapsack\” by Peggy McIntosh and \”Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?\” by Beverly Daniel Tatum