Argumentative Essay

Draft Argumentative Research Paper Proposal

1. Identify a contemporary social problem or issue, which involves exploring two to three related topics of interest to you again, these topics should be related to each other, even if the connection is distant/tenuous.

a. For topic suggestions, consult the following podcast sites: Spreaker,; This American Life,; or, This I Believe,
b. For more suggestions for contemporary topics, consider these links: Feministing,; Broadly_Vice,, and Broadly-Vice,
c. For additional suggestions for contemporary social problems (useful for research) consider this link from The New York Times The Learning Network: 2014, and 2015/2016,
d. For additional support developing your research topic, see: and (begin this last video at 2:33)
2. Consider conducting a preliminary search for information about your topics using the Find A Source tool in Pearson Writer (the access code came bundled with your textbook, Academic Research and Writing).
3. Read Chapter 4 in Academic Research and Writing and Issue 4 in Understanding Rhetoric.
4. Follow the process (steps 1-5) that is outlined beginning on pp. 61-67 in Academic Research and Writing.
5. Take notes from your sources as outlined on pp. 69-74 in Academic Research and Writing.
6. Craft a preliminary thesis or hypothesis using the suggestions on pp. 75-76 in Academic Research and Writing. You should also review pp. 150-156 in Understanding Rhetoric for additional information on developing argumentative claims.
7. Read pp. 76-81; use the Proposal Questions on pp. 78 and the sample on pp. 78-80 in Academic Research and Writing to prepare your proposal.
Basic Requirements

1. 1000 words
2. MLA or APA document style
3. Consider using the Pearson Writer tool, which came with your Academic Research and Writing textbook, Writing Review to review sentence and paragraph level challenges in your text.
4. Working Bibliography of at least 10 database or Pearson Writer Find a Source resources (Wikipedia does not count)