For this assignment, you will choose a work of art to view, in person, and conduct a visual analysis upon this artwork including a consideration of art elements and principles. Additionally, you will write about the experience of viewing an artwork in person.

FIRST: Description
Includes discussion of subject matter, medium, dimensions, and composition.
Describe the work of art you?ve chosen in objective terms. Use approximate dimensions if not given. Ideally, if you were to give your written description to a friend who had never seen the object, s/he would be able to visualize or draw the work for you, or at least pick it out of a lineup.
In writing a description of an artwork, focus on creating a logical order so that your reader doesn\’t get lost. Don\’t ever assume that because your instructor has seen the work, she knows what you are talking about. Here are a couple of options:
? summarize the overall appearance, then describe the details of the object
? begin discussing one side of the work and then move across the object to the other side
? describe things in the order in which they draw your eye around the object, starting with the first thing you notice and moving to the next

NEXT: Discussion of Art Fundamentals
Why was this artwork created? What is the larger meaning or message intended by the artist? Use your own analytical skills to come up with a possible meaning of the artwork. Don?t be concerned with if the meaning you?ve come up with is ?right? or ?wrong,? just be sure you can support with details you?ve observed in the artwork. However, if you use external sources for information regarding the meaning of the artwork, even if just the wall label found next to a work of art in a gallery or museum, be sure to cite these sources in your paper to avoid plagiarism.
Identify one element and one principle of art used by the artist in your chosen artwork. (See page 47 in Gateways to Art for a list of the ten elements of art and the ten principles of art. You are to choose one from each list.) Explain how each of these are employed by the artist and how this use supports the larger meaning of the work. Be as detailed and specific as possible.

FINALLY: Discussion of Experience
Spend some time discussing how your experience of viewing this work of art in person differs from seeing reproductions of artworks in your textbook or in class.
Questions to consider:
What do you notice during this face-to-face viewing that may have gone overlooked by viewing a photographic reproduction?
(If you are in a museum or gallery) Is the work surrounded by art of a similar style or theme?
Does the site of the work (museum/public space/gallery) add to or detract from your understanding of the intended meaning of the work? Explain.
If the setting of the work detracts from your understanding, what might be a more ideal place for this work to be seen by the public?

The title of your paper should be different than the title of the artwork.

Either underline or italicize the title of all works of art. Be consistent.
The first time you state the artist?s name (if known), use first and last name. Every subsequent mention of the artist, use the last name only.

How to organize your paper: (suggested outline, not required)
I. In your introduction, provide your thesis statement; that is, what do you believe
to be the larger meaning of this work of art. Identify the artwork by artist, title,
and date (if known).
II. The body of your paper should begin with an objective description of the
artwork. Be sure to include subject matter, medium, and an overview of the
work?s composition.
III. Next, the analysis will show how you support your interpretation of the
artwork?s meaning by applying one element of art and one principle of art to your interpretation. Be sure to go beyond a consideration of subject matter alone and discuss how the fundamentals of art help to emphasize the work?s meaning.
IV. Consider the importance of site and location as you comment on the experience of viewing a work of art in person.
V. In concluding, comment on how successful (or not) you believe the work of art is in creating and communicating meaning to the viewer (you).

The art that you are going to write about is called:
\”Blue\” by Bonnie Ellis. Dimensions: 4feet width, 6feet length.
I will attach picture itself, and please do not hesitate to ask questions. I am here to help you write better essay, so please ask me any questions you have because i was the one who personally viewed it.

No sources needed for this work.