Article Analysis

First part:
Article: Ross Bellaby, Whats the Harm? The Ethics of Intelligence Collection in the 21st Century Intelligence and National Security 27/1 (2012)
What is needed: a brief analysis of it (maximum 500 words). I will upload the article and the 9 references which should be included.

Second part:
I have already prepared and submitted an essay plan for the topic: Despite the high profile nature of the terrorist attacks in France in the last two years, intelligence agencies have generally been very successful in keeping Western Europe safe. Discuss. I will upload the plan. (If you need me to upload the references which I used for this part please let me know)
What is needed: Post comments on how you think the reading of this article or document informs your essay. Particularly focus on whether the source challenges any of the arguments you plan to develop in your essay, such as whether a different theoretical approach has been defended, or whether the article challenges some of the conclusions you draw from other reading.