Artist Review

a short analysis, including how it is relevant to your practice; make direct links between your own work and relevant contemporary visual artists; These links may be in terms of content, materials, processes or approaches to media.

First artist: Kerby Rosanes
Artwork\’s title: Never Quit Drawing

Second artist: Graham Gillmore
Artwork\’s Title: I Will, You Won\’t, I Do, You Don\’t

Third artist: Daniel Lai
Artwork\’s title: Curling Up With a Good Book

forth artist: Damien Hirst
Artwork\’s Title: The Four Elements (Who\’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue)

Fifth artist: Shalene Valenzuela
Artwork\’s title: Shoes

Sixth artist: Ellsworth Kelly
Artwork\’s title: Colors for a Large Wall

(Note: photos of my artworks are attached)