Non film from non-European. Over all I need 800 words Thank you
Find an article about seal hunting….. Do you think the Inuit today should still be allowed to hunt? .Write a reflection on seal hunting. Compare your article to Herbert Bonifacio\’s article – A HEALING TRADITION: RECLAIMING THE SEAL HUNT IN THE FACE OF COLONIZATION AND MELTING ICE.

Provide answers to and/or reflections on the following questions:
1. What is the dominant physical/geographic characteristic of Tibet as a country?
2. Comment on the political situation of Tibet.
3. How are the Chinese and Tibetan cultures intertwined?
4. What is the Potala Palace?
5. What is the Tibetan philosophy towards animals?
6. Describe a Tibetan prayer wheel what is inside? Why is it placed here?
7. What is a Yak? Why is it so important for Tibet? What are the different uses and by-products of the Yak?

Write two paragraphs on the Indian culture –
Paragraph 1 – what you knew about it already
Paragraph 2 – what you have learned about it in this course so far

Write reflective answers to the following questions:
What is your opinion of the film THE NAMESAKE? Do you think it is a good example of a cross cultural situation? Why? Why not? Give examples to illustrate your points
Give some examples of other cross cultural issues that emerged during your study of the Maori and the Inuit.
Would you say that you have interacted with people from other cultures during your time studying in Switzerland? Explain your answer in detail, giving examples.

Write a 300 minimum word journal entry. How are the whites portrayed? How are the Native Americans portrayed? Why was \’Dances with Wolves\’ so successful?

The title of this course is ASPECTS OF NON-EUROPEAN CULTURES THROUGH FILM AND LITERATURE. What does this kind of study involve? Are there different ways of studying other cultures, given the fact that we are geographically far away from these places? Is critical analysis involved, and does it change anything?