Assignement 2 Adaptation 2

Please read the instructions IN FULL
Write an adaptation of the story \’letters to the future\’ which I will upload with this assignment . You should write your adaptation for a theatrical stage play. The performance time for your adaptation should be 15 minutes. YOU CAN ADD SOME CONTENT THAT WASENT AVAILABLE IN THE ORIGINAL STORY THAT I WANT YOU TO ADAPT. YOU CAN ADD SCENES OR DIALOGUES TO IT THAT WERENT IN THE ORIGINAL STORY SUCH AS A DIALOGUE BETWEEN MRS FISHER AND MRS BROWN FOR EXAMPLE. You can gauge this approximately by using the correct layout (see the notes on layout in the A363 Assessment Guide) and counting the pages. I will upload the correct layout I want for the assignment UNDER THE NAME Pages_from_A363_CourseBook_e1i1_p44
For stage, one page averages one minute of performance time. However, this is only an estimate. The exact running time for some pages will be longer than this; some pages will be shorter. The only way to time it more precisely is to read through your script in real performance time, including all of the actions, sound effects, pauses and dialogue in your enactment.

This should be a stand-alone script, complete in itself, and not part of a longer play or film.

You should include a brief cast list with your script (which should not be included in any word count or estimate of performance time). You should state which medium you are writing for on your opening page, near to your title.

Part 2

Write a commentary (500 words) about the process of creating your script. Describe the way in which you approached the adaptation and whether you stuck closely to the original, based your drama loosely on the original or on some particular aspect of it, felt compelled to invent new parts or to cut characters or events. BASE SOME OF YOUR COMMENTS ON CONTENT MADE IN THE CREATIVE WRITING HANDBOOK FROM PAGE 41 to 92. I WILL UPLOAD THAT ASWELL.

Guidance notes

See the guidance notes for TMA 02 (PAGE 24 to 30) and the Writing a commentary (page 13 to 15) section in the A363 Assessment Guide and I WILL UPLOAD THAT ASWELL

You are required to submit both parts of the TMA.

Put an estimate of performance time at the end of Part 1 (your script) and a word count at the end of Part 2 (your commentary).