Assignment 02 Security Risk

The ability to model risk is a critical skill as a security and intelligence professional. An effective model provides the ability to analyse different threats, risks and scenarios, to better inform the decision maker.

You are to develop a security risk model, cognisant of the supplied data. The supplied data provide, in part, a scenario where you facilitated a group session to gather the following data:
1.Crime statistics, obtained from the Police.
2.Crime Descriptors;
3.List of Risks, generated by the scenario group brainstorming session.
4.Risk Analysis Data, with raw risk data from each person within the group.
5.Asset Register, as a list of assets, including description, age, current value, replacement value, criticality to organization.
6.Threat analysis template.

You are to present and demonstrate your security risk model, including formula, spread sheets, etc.


To support your model, attempt to use an existing and valid risk model as a theoretical foundation.

You will have to define your own scenario, perhaps using a local commercial organisation. Make your own assumptions to support your scenario.

Total Weight: 30%

Word length: 2,000 words, plus integrated figures and tables

Referances should be follow ECU APA Style