assignment 3

A personal reflection on your contribution not more than 300 words

During the project of the healthy setting conference, I contributed by bringing the healthy setting in the workplace resources to discussed with the team for nominating. According to workplace health association Australia (2015, p. 4) Australian adult working age spend approximately 1/3 of their life at the workplace. Therefore, I think it could be the option for the healthy setting initiative. After discussed with the group members. I agreed with the group member to nominate the healthy prison because of the interesting project. Terry (2015, p.2) states communication and interaction within the group member are promoting the group work success and effective.

At week 9, the tasks were allocated, my significate responsible was the evaluation framework and sharing part of social aspect with Halyn. By assigning task is maximum efficiency and increase quality output (Hutton, n.d.). Halyn and I were able to check and adjusted some mistake together. It enhanced our work to be completed in a timeframe. Group work is stressful and overwhelmed for me. During the group discussion sometimes I felt behind or due to differences in culture, language and background experience. However, I tried my best to keeping up with research and prepare resources for weekly discussion. Which made the tasks progress and not falling behind.

Effective teamwork happens because all participate come together to discuss and share an idea and help solve the problem (Hutton, n.d.). Another contribution is being active on forum discussion and attending to the class for the group meeting to sharing opinion and discussed the progression of the tasks. My final responsible contribution was presenting the evaluation framework. This enhanced the workload reduce for the team members. In overall, I believe that my contribution was effective. Group working is the great experience, it develops my personal behaviour and self-esteem. However, it could be better if I can express myself more openly and freely about my opinion during the group discussion.


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