Assignment: Information Technology Systems for the Harbor City Behavioral Health Center

Review the Harbor City Behavioral Health Center media, paying particular attention to the current IT systems in place at the center. As you review this information, consider if the present IT systems are capable of supporting the HCBHC’s strategic plan goals and initiative, and what changes/additions are required. Specifically review the following:HCBHC Brochure with mission statement, goals, and services.Organizational Chart with major departments: HR, Operations (incl. IT), Comptroller, Legal (incl. Regulatory), and Clinics, as well as department overviews covering functions and roles.HCBHC Annual Report with findings/recommendations and associated assessment data.Corporate Memo on the community need for additional services to support the aging baby boomer population and the alarming increase in adolescent substance abuse.In addition consider the following readings from the current week:Chapter 13, “Health Information Systems and Strategy” from your course text, Shortell & Kaluzny\’s health care management: Organization design & behavior.Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. (2012). The value of health information technology in behavioral health: A health information exchange focus.Miller, J.E., Glover, R.W., & Gordon, R.Y. (2014). Crossing the behavioral health digital divide: The role of health information technology in improving care for people with behavioral health conditions in state behavioral health systems.National Council on Behavioral Health. (2013). The behavioral health IT Act (H.R. 2957): Coordinating care, lowering cost.Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. (2012). Behavioral health roundtable: Using information technology to integrate behavioral health and primary care. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.The Assignment:Submit a 2-4 page analysis of the following:Explain whether the center’s current IT systems are capable of supporting the center’s targeted goals for improvement and initiatives to increase services to the community outlined in the strategic plan.What additional provisions in terms of hardware, software, network, bandwidth, security, and training need to be made to support the HCBHC strategic plan goals and initiatives?In your analysis, be sure to take into consideration logistics, HR related activities, regulations, etc.