Assignment: Strategic Planning for the Harbor City Behavioral Health Center

To prepare for this assignment:Review the Harbor City Behavioral Health Center media, and consider the vision, mission, and goals of this organization. Specifically review the following:HCBHC Brochure with mission statement, goals, and services.Organizational Chart with major departments: Human Resources, Operations (including IT), Comptroller, Legal (including Regulatory), and Clinics, as well as department overviews covering functions and roles.HCBHC Corporate Policy Document with mission statement and organizational vision in context.HCBHC Annual Report with findings/recommendations and associated assessment data.Corporate Memo on the community need for additional services to support the aging baby boomer population and the alarming increase in adolescent substance abuse.Specifically consider readings from the current and preceding weeks:Burns, L. R., Bradley, E. H., & Weiner, B. J. (2012). Shortell & Kaluzny\’s health care management: Organization design & behavior (6th ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Delmar-Cengage Learning.Chapter 9, “Improving Quality in Health Care Organizations” (pp. 249-279)Chapter 10, “Strategic Thinking and Achieving Competitive Advantage” (pp. 282-320)Bogen, B. (1997). A marketing research plan for mental health services. Marketing Health Services, 17(4), 46–49.Ferreira, M. R., & Proença, J. F. (2015). Strategic planning and organizational effectiveness in social service organizations in Portugal. Management: Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, 20(2), 1–21.Kaufman, R. (2016). Strategic planning: Getting from here to there. TD: Talent Development, 70(3), 54–59.Patten, L. (2015). The continued struggle with strategy execution. International Journal of Business Management & Economic Research, 6(5), 288–295.Sanchez, P. (2007, May). Strategic planning moves forward. Transformation Times, 3. doi:10.1037/e522092010-004Schneider, S. (2015). Analysis of management practice strategic planning: a comprehensive approach. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 10(3), GS27–GS35.The Assignment:Submit a 2-4 page strategic plan for the Harbor City Behavioral Health Center per the following guidelines:Use the provided template located in the HCBHC media to create your strategic plan for HCBHC. The provided template can be edited/tailored as required for your strategic plan.Provide clear and measurable objectives for the Harbor City Behavioral Health Center and identify potential key performance indicators.Describe what the essential goals should be for HCBHC to address in the coming year, short run (1-3 years,) and longer term with respect to the targeted improvement areas and new efforts to provide services to the community.Describe the process to market, implement, and assess your strategic plan. Make sure to include how you will evaluate progress on the strategic plan objectives.