Assistance answering basic high school application questions.

This writing assignment is to help me and my teenage son with questions for a high school application. The school is Beacon Academy, a Montessori-based high school located in Chicago, IL (actually in nearby, Evanston, IL). The answers/responses to each question have no specified limit, but I would say a length of 3/4 to a full page for each response feels about right. The questions that the parents are supposed to answer are: (1) Please describe your interest in Beacon Academy. Why do you think your family and your child will be a good fit for Beacon ?, (2) Please describe any extracurricular activities in which your child is involved and the level and frequency of participation. How do you think your child will be involved in activities at Beacon ?, and (3) Please describe your child\’s ideal high school experience. Then we will also want help drafting answers for a series of questions that are supposed to be answered by the student (in this case, a 13 year old boy). These student questions are as follows: (A) What interests you about Beacon Academy ? How do you think you would contribute to the Beacon community ?, (B) How would you describe yourself as a student ? What motivates you most in the classroom ? Why ?, and (C) You have the whole day to yourself. What do you do ?