Atypical Development

I copy pasted this from the essay requirements provided by the lecturer (The degree is MSc Developmental Psychology and this is the essay for the module \’Cognitive & Psychobiological Development\’) :Critically discuss how psychobiology can contribute to our understanding of development through the lifespan.Start with the title: select a title that gives indication of the topic you are looking at (atypical development).Make sure you address the question from a psychobiological perspectiveDo not rely extensively on one source – i.e. a review paper. Review papers give a good lead and an indication of where to look for material.Do not use information from websites that do not contain appropriately \’peer reviewed\’ information.You must include some references from the last 5-10 years.Older references are useful, older research does not mean bad research.But, ideas change with new evidence – show that your essay is the up to date view on the area.Do you understand what you are reading? Avoid quotes in main text!!!Evaluation and argument:-Essential.-Presenting the material will get you so far.-Commenting on and evaluating/critical analysis of the material will take your mark into the 60s/70s and beyond.You must have an introductionThis must define the scope of your essayi.e. the nature of the essay and what you will consider.Perhaps 4-5 subsections, each of these should deal with a different aspect of the questionWithin each subsection you must include;your argument/point – purpose of the sectiontheoryreferenced evidenceevaluation (can include contrasting evidence)conclusion – perhaps include suggestions for further researcha lead into the next sectionOverall final conclusion: Do not repeat yourself but use this section to draw the argument to a close.What are we looking for in your essay:depth and breadth of relevant readingits integration in relation to theoretical, methodological and application in usecritical analysis of the abovesynthesis of theory and practiceThe student who obtains high marks will have-more reference to primary sources (i.e. journal articles, specialist texts)-more in-depth critical appraisal-will have integrated more information and present more of his or her own judgement