1) Company Name Apple, so you have to make the whole report on APPLE You have to do
2) Four types of benchmarking 1) peak body 2) benchmarking for processes 3) performance benchmarking 4) benchmarking for future strategies and miles stones (each 400 words means 1600 words) You have to do all four types of benchmarking for apple.
3) Number of references 20 (in text citation must) use relevant literature not all website articles (I have attaches a case study under the name \” what we have learned\” use this article for finding best literature from reference list advised by my professor)
4) Include table of content, executive summary, conclusion, and recommendations for 1000 words
4) Read brief carefully and my ppt slides of lecture that explain about All types of benchmarking You have to make For apple, benchmarking and structure for assessment.
5) Make it HD level, use impressive language
6) Please use appendices in the last of assignment for extra information.

Anything not clear please feel free to call me.