Biblical Studies:Can there be a New Testament Christology without the Old Testament?

1.5 SPACINGWrite a critical essay on the following topic. Can there be a New Testament Christology without the Old Testament?Argument must be supported with biblical evidence and critically engage with modern scholarly literature on the topic.This assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your skills in critical analysis in order to arrive at a reasoned conclusion backed up by logical argumentation. articulate a general knowledge of the contents of the Bible and a more comprehensive understanding of a selection of biblical books from both the Old and New Testaments locate and analyse information relating to the historical, geographical and social contexts of the world that gave rise to the biblical texts, using a variety of sources, including online databases describe different approaches to biblical interpretation using a variety of methods such as narrative, hermeneutical, exegetical, historical-critical and socio-literarythink critically and ask penetrating questions, both of the biblical text and of their own interpretations articulate a personal response to the text and test its contemporary relevance, personally, socially and religiously